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Older Driver Assessments in Sydney

More and more people are reaching 85 healthy and alert. If you are one of them, you probably want to keep driving. There are several requirements you must meet to keep your license up to date.

As a driver 85 and over, you are required by law to have a medical review each year in order to keep your license. You have the choice of two types of licenses:

● Modified

● Unrestricted

If you choose unrestricted, you need to pass a practical driving assessment every second year. Roads and Maritime has accredited Formula Driving School to conduct Older Driver Assessments.

Here is a closer look at the difference in the two licenses.

Modified License

This will let you drive under specific circumstances, called conditions, which are printed on the back of your license. You are then legally required to comply with these conditions whenever you get behind the wheel.

Common examples of conditions include:

● Drive within a certain distance of your home

● Drive during certain times of the day

Discuss your concerns with your doctor. He can help you decide what circumstances will keep you safe on the road.

Unrestricted License

Many seniors choose to keep an unrestricted license, one that has no conditions attached. In order to do this, you need to pass a practical driving assessment every second year, at 85, 87, 89, etc.

You have two choices for the exam:

● Be tested by the Roads and Maritime testing officer

● Be assessed by an Older Driver Assessor

A local assessor is an instructor, accredited by Roads and Maritime, who tests your skills for a fee.

Here is a look at the difference between a driving test conducted by a Roads and Maritime testing officer and a Driving Assessment.

Driving Test

This is done at your local motor registry without a fee, conducted by a Roads and Maritime testing officer. You need to complete this test before your 85th birthday, then every second year following.

The testing officer puts you through a practical driving test that contains eight Fail Items. If you commit just a single Fail Item, you will not pass, however well you do with the rest of the test. You can check out the Fail Items in the Guide to Older Driver Licensing booklet available from Roads and Maritime.

You have three attempts to pass the test. If you don’t succeed by the third, you receive a modified license. You can later upgrade to a full license by passing a Driving Assessment with an assessor accredited by RMS.

Driving Assessment

The driving assessment is done for a fee by a driving instructor, licensed by RMS, who has a Senior Assessor Qualification. The assessment is usually done on roads close to your home, using streets that you drive often.

You are not limited to a specific number of assessments. You can go through as many as you choose. The only requirement is that you not commit a Serious Fail, as defined by Roads and Maritime.

If you do commit a Serious Fail, this may be reported, indicating your driving ability presents a potential danger to both you and other drivers.

You need to complete an assessment before your 85th birthday and then every second year following.

Trust Formula Driving School for Your Assessment

At Formula Driving School, we are committed to helping every safe driver keep his unrestricted driving license. That’s why we offer a combination driving lesson and assessment.

This helps you refresh your skills and take the assessment in comfort. The instructor goes through the assessment basics over the 60-minute or 90-minute period, whichever you choose. This gives you ample time to settle your nerves, ask questions and prepare yourself for the official assessment.

At the same time, it lets your assessor clearly identify your weak areas early in the session. He can work with you over the session to improve. If necessary, you can postpone the formal assessment and book refresher lessons.

Prepare and Pass

If you are worried about the test or assessment, it’s smart to book refresher lessons beforehand. This lets you thoroughly prepare so you can drive and pass with confidence.

The refresher sessions offer these advantages:

● Update your knowledge of the latest rules of the road

● Get feedback on skills that need work

● Learn the specifics of the Fail Items with refresher lessons

Call Formula Driving School today. Book a refresher lesson or a driving assessment by calling (02) 89649116 or 0431161900.


Sessions are available both 60 minutes and 90 minutes long. We highly recommend the 90-minute sessions.

90 minutes for both refresher and assessment $90

60 minutes for driver refresher $60

60 minutes for driver assessment $60